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Corporate Tax Law Latest Update 2023

Ministerial Decision No. 114 of 2023 at the Accounting Standards and Methods for the Purposes of Federal Decree Law No. forty seven of 2022 at the Taxation of Corporations and Businesses

Ministerial Decision No. 114 of 2023 on the Accounting Standards and Methods for the purposes of corporate tax stipulates that a Taxable Person shall apply the International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”), if The Taxable Person derive Revenue that doesn’t exceed AED 50,000,000 (fifty million United Arab Emirates dirhams) for small and medium-sized entities

Whereas, Financial Statements refers to an entire set of statements as specified under the Accounting Standards applied by the Taxable Person, which include and is not limited to statement of income, statement of other comprehensive income, balance sheet, statement of changes in equity and cash flow statement.

Dubai Corporate Income Tax

Hiring an character and company tax accountant in UAE is the fine manner to move in case you are handling company tax in UAE and tax registration for character character in UAE. However, If you’re burdened together along with your taxes, or you’ve already been juggling loads of factors on pinnacle of your tax responsibilities, then it’s miles an awesome concept to ask the professionals in SK Financial Services to guide you.

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UAE Taxation

In the UAE, we’re the go-to experts of limitless marketers and corporations. As we additionally assist them cope with all subjects related to tax in UAE. Yes, this additionally consists of the man or woman vat registration manner UAE. Here are a list of activities and industries that we’ve helped including essential information you have to know regarding UAE tax: Read More

Tax Services in UAE

We are professionals that corporations and people run to for taxation matters. However, here’s how we are able to assist you:

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