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Corporate Secretarial Services

Corporate Secretarial Services​

SK Financial Services offers corporate secretary services that support and improve board performance and compliance. Only some startups and small corporations are capable of allocate sufficient assets in keeping complete time organization secretaries. That is why our clients come to us. With our company secretarial offerings in UAE, groups are capable of keep the best requirements for company governance and follow neighborhood regulations. Our crew is going above and past in helping the general effectiveness and performance of enterprise management together with chairs and directors. We will assist you consciousness in your commercial enterprise operations! Read More

Global Corporate Secretarial Services

Different jurisdictions throughout the globe require agencies to designate company secretaries which can be to be gift in the course of conferences of the board of directors. Our team’s particular duties differ, relying on the running in and the corporation’s by laws.

Many human beings are caused consider that the number one function of a company secretary is taking and recording mins of conferences of agency administration. Although the mission is a number of the number one company secretarial obligations and responsibilities, it’s far nowhere close to what a company secretarial crew does. Throughout the years of presenting company secretarial services, our crew has been capable of do the following:

Our crew plans and executes the conferences of committees and board of directors. This manner we take care of the strategic planning, sending out the invites to suitable attendees and their addresses, the formula of agendas, reservation of assembly spaces, and overlaying of all logistical issues. Our company secretarial carrier basically consists of the overseeing of shareholder conferences of corporations.

Our crew isn’t best tasked with taking the mins of meetings, however additionally for the dissemination of mins and their substance. The mins of conferences of organizations are to be as it should be defined to be able to speak the board of directors’ very last selections effectively. Much greater than a trifling scribe, company secretarial offerings supplied via way of means of the corporation entails a crew taken into consideration as an officer that implements the pronouncements of the board. Our group organizes and keeps the massive files of companies which include enterprise licenses, inventory transfers, contracts, Capitalization Table of a corporation, shareholders correspondence, and proxy statements.

Our crew is inclined and capin a position in imparting recommendation to a board of administrators concerning its obligations and goals. We have additionally briefed business enterprise officials on their person roles. With a corporation that has subsidiaries, our team often counsels company administration with regards on ways in managing and governing the subsidiaries or representative offices

As new board individuals may be added onto the board of administrators of a corporation, we're tasked in overseeing the brand new individuals’ orientation, briefings, and training.

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Why Clients Choose Us
  • Familiarity with local business regulations and legislation
  • Experienced in dealing with complete departments and man or woman group of workers members
  • Acquainted with bureaucratic red tape
  • Rational and calm mediator
  • Ability in performing under pressure
Our Goal

One of the desires of our group while offering company secretarial offerings in UAE and worldwide company secretarial offerings is your compliance to guidelines and peace of mind! Our responsive help can assist make sure which you are in complete compliance to suitable and relevant legal guidelines whilst you continue to be targeted to your commercial enterprise goals.

The cornerstone of the organization secretarial assist of SK Financial Services is the status quo of an awesome operating relationship. Trust this is advanced displays the care, quality, and consistency of our outsourced company secretarial services. We are very competitive, and carrier applications are tailored on your particular needs.
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