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Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

UAE Trademark Registration is a valuable asset not only on the internet but also in the traditional markets globally. A trademark is useful for both markets and merchandisers. It permits a business enterprise to get distinct rights to use, distribute, and assign a trademark. For trademark registration in UAE is an notable manner to acquire this. To save you others from taking advantage of your call or brand, you need to shield it. In any vicinity of the UAE, trademark registration is an important issue of beginning a business.Read More

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Benefits of Trademark Registration

The Trademark registration in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers numerous benefits for businesses and individuals looking to protect their brand identity and intellectual property within the UAE market.

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Trademark Registration Consultant

The procedure of trademark registration within United Arab Emirates appears uncomplicated. However, any error, false statement or misrepresentation in your documentation may result in rejection of your trademark registration. In view of this situation, you should get your trademark registration done by an expert and authorized consultant.

SK Financial Services is an experience and expert company that provides you error free trademark registration facility across UAE. With our in-depth knowledge of business setup, we can assist you in registering the trademark properly and getting good results. Do not hesitate to contact us. We will always gladly assist you anytime.

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Anyone who wishes to protect their brand name or company’s trademark in UAE may register a trademark. The procedure of registering a trademark in the UAE is easy and straightforward.

First degree with inside the UAE trademark registration system to make certain that the trademark isn't presently in use via way of means of any other entity. If your trademark has previously been used by someone else, you will not be able to register it. After you’ve showed that the trademark isn’t already in use, you can cross directly to the subsequent levels of trademark registration with inside the United Arab Emirates.

Trademark Registration Steps:
  1. Firm must first fill up and submit Trademark Registration Online application form. UAE Ministry of Economy will give trademark to bureaucracy for registration.
  2. If UAE Ministry of Economy approves the trademark registration application, the brand or corporation must pay a fee to have the trademark published.
  3. Registered trademark will publish in the UAE’s Official Gazette by the UAE Ministry of Economy. In addition, the trademark will advertise in two local publications.
  4. Anyone can file a complaint against the trademark in UAE within one month.
  5. Corporation must pay a trademark registration cost if there are no objections filed against the trademark in Dubai.
  6. Brand or company’s trademark should register in UAE.
The applicant receives the following records when the trademark is registered:
  1. Trademark registration number
  2. Date of trademark registration
  3. Copy of trademark
  4. Description of the goods and services for which trademark applied.
For registering a trademark in the United Arab Emirates, the following documents and information required:
  • Trademark Logo
  • Trade license Copy
  • Power Of Attorney
  • Documents Priority
  • Passport Copy
  • List of Services and Goods to be protected
  • Other documents as needed.
  • Find here Update on trademark registration and enforcement cost

A trademark allows a corporation to differentiate its specific services or products from others supplied via way of means of different businesses. It can also additionally include a word, a name, phrase, logo, design, symbol, photo or a mixture of of these items or more. Following 6 smooth methods to get the trademark registration completed in UAE:

1. Initial Search:

Trademark MENA will follow to your behalf, soliciting for for the preliminary look for the centered trademark registration. Application is submitted to the involved government soliciting for for preliminary look for the centered Trademark.

2. Search Result:

If the hunt end result is negative, it approach that the Trademark is registered with the aid of using none.

3. Deposit the Documents:

Further, we can deposit the files in conjunction with an utility on your Trademark registration. Documents Examination Process After the deposition and application, the trademark may be tested via way of means of the worried authorities.

4. Result:

The give up end result of the examination may be brought in 6-9 months approximately.

5. Fee Submission to Authorities:

If there isn't always any competition made via way of means of 3rd parties, the whole price of expenses must be made in a month's time. Confirming to that, you may acquire a certificates of Trademark registration from the authorities. In case of oppositions raised via way of means of 3rd parties, the applicant has a month's time to record an appeal. This will mention in element at some point of the process.

The Trademark Registration UAE Cost depends upon many factor, some of them are as under:

  • which state to open,
  • type of company,
  • working category,
  • type of products or services offered,
  • mainland or freezone. 

Trademark Registration Fees also change time by time. You can check the latest fee details on the UAE official website of Ministry of Economy Trademark Registration

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Trademark registration is a legal process that grants exclusive rights to use a particular symbol, logo, or phrase to represent a brand, product, or service. It protects intellectual property and helps distinguish a business from competitors.

Filling a trademark registration form involves providing details such as the name and address of the applicant, description of the trademark, class of goods/services, and supporting documents. It's advisable to seek professional assistance or refer to guidelines provided by the trademark office.

The following types of trademarks that anyone allowed to registered:

  • Pattern marks
  • Shape marks
  • Certification marks
  • Sound marks
  • Collective marks
  • Service marks
  • Product marks

If you're unsure of whether or not your proposed mark may be registered or not, don’t hesitate to touch our workplace to book a session with our trademark professionals in UAE.

The trademark registration number typically provided in the registration certificate issued by the trademark office. It can also found by searching the trademark registry database online using the name or logo of the trademark.

Business names collectively with product names, labels, and emblems can all be registered as trademarks. The Registration of Trademark is the pleasant route to take for logo protection.

Trademark registration is important because it provides legal protection against unauthorized use of a brand's identity, prevents brand confusion among consumers, enhances brand value, and enables businesses to take legal action against infringers.

It will stay legitimate ten (10) years following its a hit registration. with inside the UAE, validity of a registered trademark prolonged if extra cost paid.

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