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VAT Training

Corporate VAT Training in UAE

With the advent of value-brought tax or VAT in UAE on the way to quickly take impact on 1 January 2018, businesses are informed to be registered and organized as quickly as viable for they may be problem to consequences in the event that they do now no longer do so.

Registering may be carried out with the assist of our group as a way to manual you thru the step by step procedure that the VAT registration requires. On the opposite hand, the practice for VAT in UAE may be attained with the aid of using enrolling your self in one of the VAT guides in Dubai. Our company, SK Financial Services, offers VAT training in Dubai and in all parts of the UAE.

Our ongoing VAT / Tax Training Course
Modifications Required For Sales and Accounting Systems

The only one training program which covers the Sales and Accounting Aspects according to the Executive Regulation on the Value Added Tax

  • Introduction – Taxation Law in UAE, focusing at the Executive Regulation –Cabinet Decision No. 52, 2017 on Value Added TAX
  • Modifications have to be added to the Sales Invoice, according to the Executive Regulation
  • Modifications have to be added to the Chart of Accounts, focusing on Tax Input & Tax Output
  • Accounting Entries required for sales transactions
  • Accounting Entries for Purchase Transactions
  • Accounting Entries for tax paid to the concerned authorities
  • Accounting Entries for tax returns
  • Tax Adjustments
  • Sales Returns
  • Purchase Returns
  • Sales Written of debits
  • Purchase Written of claims
  • Inter-company sales
  • Inter-company purchase
  • Different among Tax Accounting Recorders and Regular Accounting Records
  • Tax filing / Declaration according to Executive Regulation
  • Tax filing / Declaration for Group according to the Executive Regulation

This application is designed for groups to educate their personnel to get an in-intensity perception into the VAT implementation in UAE. One of our Experienced VAT Consultant will go to onsite to supply the training. In case the client is out of the UAE, there will be additional fees

  • Fees: AED 2000 per delegate
  • Requirement: The minimal rate is AED 10,000 if the quantity of trainees is much less than 5.
  • Schedule: As per client’s request
Why Attend VAT Training in Dubai?

This VAT education is significantly useful for any enterprise because it will talk all approximately VAT that maximum human beings do now no longer apprehend due to the fact that is a brand new idea with inside the UAE. With this training, the accounting personnel of organizations may be having an improve in completely information what VAT is all approximately and the way to nicely account for it.

Everything could be tackled from the best and common manner of invoicing to recording entries. We have devised the answers to your questions and the explanation of what the exact impact of VAT is to our country. The training of VAT go back paperwork may also be discussed, and this VAT schooling shall cowl the numerous sorts of items and offerings and the accounting remedy of VAT for those. Our VAT education in Dubai has been designed for individuals who are new to VAT. This is for those who make huge choices for his or her groups which have consequences, which contain VAT.

Who Should Attend the VAT Training in Dubai?

Since it’s miles crucial for a employer to paintings as one, we suggest on your employer to convey the subsequent staff:

  • CFO & CEO
  • Senior Accountants
  • Chief Accountants
  • Accounting Managers
  • Treasurer & Cashiers
  • Tax Consultants
  • Tax Preparers
  • Staff Accountants
  • Controllers
  • Internal Auditors
  • Procurement Managers
  • Other accounting and finance staff
  • Finance Managers
  • Cost and Budgeting Managers
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The main differences between internal and external audit are as follows:

  • Reports from an internal audit are used by company management, whereas reports from an external audit are required by stakeholders, including lenders and creditors.
  • Internal audit examines troubles which can be associated with dangers and commercial enterprise practices, while outside audit examines monetary information of a commercial enterprise and an outside auditor troubles professional opinion from the financial report assessment.

Our VAT education may be carried out with the aid of using our employer and may be taught with the aid of using our notably certified group member who will provide an explanation for the whole thing from the associated legal guidelines of taxes in the UAE to the complexities that come with VAT and things to be done for a balance business that is VAT-compliant.

It is really useful for organizations that don't have any accounting branch to attend to their VAT affairs to outsource accountants that may take care of the VAT aspect of their business, which we offer as well. For those who do have an accounting department (that you have delivered with you with inside the training), you may pass on and practice all that you’ve learned.

Lest you want greater records or you suspect you'll have similarly questions with inside the future, we're constantly inclined to behavior a session with you.

According to the UAE Tax Law, taxable entities are required to keep records for all supplies and imports of goods and services, tax invoices, tax credit notes, related documents, etc.

Businesses also are required to by skip asked documents (in Arabic) with the aid of using the authorities or

The UAE authorities has visible the possibility to diversify the State’s earnings re-assets through now no longer leaning an excessive amount of on our oil and fuel online sector.

By implementing VAT, the facilities needed by the public will be met even more as it is expected that VAT will bring in big revenue for the country.

  • Goods and offerings bought outdoor the u . s . a.  are challenge to VAT.
  • In the occasion that the recipient of the products and offerings with inside the State is registered for VAT, a opposite rate mechanism might be used with VAT being due on the import.
  • In case the recipient with inside the State is a non-registered individual for VAT purposes, VAT might be paid on import of products from an area out of doors the GCC. Such VAT will usually be required to be paid earlier than the products are launched to the person.

The amount of the importation of goods that includes customs duty will be the value that VAT will be computed on. So the payment for the imported goods cannot be set off against VAT.

There is a protracted listing of consequences with inside the Cabinet Decree Number forty of 2017 for violations in opposition to Tax Procedures Law, Excise Tax Law, and VAT Law.

For greater statistics and whole listing concerning this, please contact us.

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