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Audit Services for Project Developers

Developers Audit in Dubai

Cash Flow / Escrow Audit

Now, in the UAE, it should be noted by developers that the audit for the guarantee account/escrow account is mandatory as required by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). Developers are obliged to conform with relevant legal guidelines and regulations (ex: Law No. 08 of 2007, Law No. 13 of 2008, and Law No. 09 of 2009).

As one of the leading companies that handle developers audit in Dubai, SK Financial Services ensures that you are complying with the laws of the land. We can gift you with a incredible provider in task builders audit, checking each thing of financial, compliance, and operational aspect of factors to offer you a completely targeted report.

Top Auditors for Projects in Dubai

Top Auditors for Projects in Dubai Thirty years of experience enable us to guarantee our clients that the only kind of service that they will receive is with the best quality in the country. As we’re one of the pinnacle auditing corporations in Dubai , the offerings that we provide for venture audit, strata auditing in Dubai, escrow bills audit, and Owners Associations audit are handled with our regulated auditors in Dubai that will give you a peace of mind right after we work with you. Read More

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Why Choose SK Financial Services?

We have an facet and extra blessings on the subject of auditing considering we were with inside the enterprise coping with a number of fields for extra than 30 years, a number of the matters that we own and you may anticipate from us are as follows:

  • We have non-stop and committed conversation on the way to offer you with clean thoughts and possibilities for exceptional shipping of services.
  • We have our top recognition on susceptible regions with strategic recommendation on a way to avoid a complex situation.
  • As a team of experienced audit professionals working in tandem to build a positive relationship with your key management, we have a certain perspective and belief to deliver quality services to the community.
  • We value the delivery of quality audit services that will constantly provide valuable add-ons.
  • We are keen in providing a skilled “thinking team” that will collaborate with your management concerning all critical planning and control processes.
  • We are always prepared to present highly constructive feedback in order to improve the effectiveness of services.
Our Approach

Our Approach Our audit method has a scope that will help you in verifying your monetary transactions or records. SK Financial Services’s audit approach covers the following:

  • Financial audit, compliance audit, operational audit 
  • Statement of project revenues and cost – RT/02 
  • Statement of sale and collections – RT/04 
  • Payment breakdown index – RT/10
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