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On the eleventh of June 2017, the landmark Federal Law Number 7 of 2017 become launched to the entire state of the UAE through the President himself, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This regulation became all approximately the value-brought tax (VAT) methods which might be now being applied with inside the country. This is taken into consideration to have laid the principles of the stated tax gadget this is now bringing proper results to the country. In addition, the Federal Tax Authority (FTA)’s position on this complete new generation is defined in an in depth way for human beings to recognize the brand new authorities branch that handles the tax system in the UAE.

The tax gadget has introduced with it new matters that humans with inside the commercial enterprise enterprise want to research for them to hold up with the gadget. In understanding those matters, it’s far less complicated for them to cope with and manage the matters that want to be understood on this new generation even though it Has been months because the VAT implementation in UAE. There are greater to recognize apart from VAT methods and VAT registration in UAE that enterprise human beings want to be aware about to usually survive. One of them is understanding the life of Tax Agents. These humans are described with inside the regulation itself, and the facts is laid down through the authorities themselves.

What is a Tax Agent?

In the above-noted law, the definition of Tax Agent is in reality described in Article 1, Chapter 1. The scope of applications is also stated. Tax Agent is described as “any Person registered with the Authority with within the Register, who’s appointed on behalf of some other Person to represent him in advance than the Authority and help him with inside the success of his Tax duties and the exercising of his related tax rights states that a Tax Agent.” Read More

To sum up what the citation this is without delay taken from the regulation means, tax sellers are folks who are registered with the FTA and are consequently regulated to help VAT-registered businesses with their tax affairs and concerns. Businesses that want assist with reference to any troubles or troubles they’re having approximately tax can hire a Tax Agent, who can constitute them at once to the FTA.

Aside from that, they are able to assist tax-registered organizations to satisfy their tax duties on time and straight away to keep away from fines. Tax Agents also can tell the taxable human beings approximately their tax rights.

Tax Agents essentially assist Taxable People to fulfill the necessities which might be set through the authorities for the tax gadget to characteristic successfully with inside the complete country and for them to prevent any bad records that are concerned with tax.Read More

What are the Responsibilities of a Tax Agent?

To summarize the above, the subsequent underneath are the obligations and obligations of Tax Agents whilst appointed via way of means of Taxable People to help them:

  1. Ensure that the Taxable People are doing their responsibilities as tax-registered companies as consistent with the regulation and as consistent with the settlement among the parties
  2. Preserve the privateness of the Taxable People and the company’s records with inside the period of motion as a Tax Agent to the Taxable People as it’s miles all categorized records
  3. Decline any plans proposed this is going to damage the integrity of the country’s tax gadget and violate any regulation with inside the country
  4. Provide the information, documents, records, and information of the Taxable People to FTA handiest whilst they’re asked through the stated authorities as in line with Article 15, Part 2, Chapter 3 of the VAT Law

It must be mentioned that the FTA is permitted to apply the files or facts of a Taxable Person for tax audit purposes.

Appointing a Registered Tax Agent in UAE

Taxable People are allowed to rent Tax Agents whilst essential for direct illustration to the FTA. This is all said in Article 15, Part 2, Chapter 2 of the above-stated law. When a Taxable Person has knowledgeable the FTA of the canceled or terminated the agreement among them and a sure Tax Agent, the latter isn’t always legal anymore to deal directly with the FTA on behalf of the said Taxable Person. Read More

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