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Corporate Finance Advisory Service

Corporate Finance Advisory Service

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are significant yet complex corporate events. Experienced M&A advisors are the ones who can provide guidance through the various areas that govern a merger or an acquisition process.

SK Financial Services has an experienced team of skilled Mergers and Acquisitions specialists that can assist clients in adopting the best growth strategies to achieve their corporate goals. The corporation offers a multi-faceted, particular method in supporting you propose and put together for a a hit and moneymaking transaction process. With over a decade of experience in M&A with clients across the UAE, our team of Corporate Financial Advisors maximizes in order to extract the best value.

Sell-Side Advisory Service
Colorful Umbrellas presented by SK Financial Services
Colorful Umbrellas presented by SK Financial Services

Buy-Side Advisory Service

Our Corporate Financial Advisors can serve economic advisory roles, in addition to offer specialized transaction aid that will help you create and/or act upon any possibility for growth.

We offer help to customers throughout the complete buy-facet lifecycle, in addition to coordinate with our in-residence professionals for agreement assessment and technical due diligence earlier than the ultimate of a deal. Additionally, we offer a post-transaction integration provider that will help you comprehend a strategic transaction’s benefits. Read More

Benefits of Hiring a Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor

There are myriads of blessings to hiring an skilled group of Corporate Financial Advisors. As a count number of fact, maximum organizations have interaction with Mergers and Acquisitions advisors if you want to manual them in the course of the whole transaction process. The benefits of in search of the help of professionals are as follows;

A company that hires M&A advisors have the same reasons why it hires accountants for taxes. An experienced professional instills confidence aside from ensuring everything goes smoothly. In the occasion that problems rise up with inside the later a part of the transaction process, you already know you probably did each unmarried component inside your energy to vet the possibility properly. This is in particular vital for individuals who solution to shareholders or a board.

Most first-time consumers and center marketplace organizations do NOT have their personal company improvement teams. Acquiring or merging with any other employer takes a large amount of time, energy, and attention. The trouble is the men and women in price of mergers or acquisitions e.g. CEO, CFO, and different executives are busy with their day jobs. With M&A advisors, you won’t have to split your time as the professionals will augment your company’s resources.

M&A advisors maintain relationships and information resources that can be used in identifying potential strategic and financial buyers which may be unknown to business owners. With a pool of buyers, you may be capable of generate competing bids in addition to wholesome aggressive tensions, strengthening your negotiating function because the seller.

With a comprehensive valuation analysis, an M&A advisor can help establish a company’s value and provide sound judgment for any bids.

A non-public vendor may also promote at a valuation cut price to its public peers, which can be because of loss of statistics that’s publicly to be had concerning non-public companies. An M&A advisor is capable of facilitating access to confidential information for prospective buyers and potentially reduce any valuation discount.

M&A advisors have the infrastructure and expertise that allow them to efficiently manage a transaction process, starting from the creation of competitive tension up to ensuring confidentiality, positioning, strategy execution, control of public sale method with numerous bidders, in addition to negotiating sale phrases and agreement.

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