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Owners Association / Strata Auditing

Owner’s Association & Strata Auditing in UAE

The company of owners of a subdivision or condo or unit is referred to as Owners Association. Their activity is to keep and keep the homes and houses given to them, handling and administering them in behalf of the owners. They are those which are effectively imparting services, implementing fines, making sure security, implementing regulations and regulations, and attractive with authorities.

Serving as one of the most suitable auditors for proprietors affiliation in Dubai, the offerings that we’re supplying have the scope of audit paintings this is designed to make sure that A purchaser is in compliance with RERA (Real Estate Regulation Authority) rules, regulations, and necessities and to make certain that the monetary statements, in all fabric aspects, constitute a honest record of the Owners Association assets and liabilities, equity, financial position, and results of operation for the given year in accordance with accepted accounting principles and relevant legislation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Top Auditors for Owners Association in Dubai, UAE

Top Auditors for Owners Association in Dubai, UAE With more than 10 years of experience in our hands, our excellent service extends to Owners Association and Strata Auditing in Dubai. We do now no longer take gently the compliance that we must all have with the guidelines of the land. We will make sure that each one the necessities which can be said with inside the regulation are met via way of means of you. Read More

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What's the benefits of Strata Auditing?
  • Compliance with RERA (Real Estate Regulation Authority) and Land Department guidelines and requirements
  • Legalization of employer accounting books and monetary statements
  • Annual audit report for the associations
  • Implementation of a company-accepted accounting system & internal controls
  • Accurate financial and accounting reporting
Services Offered by us for Strata Auditing & Owners’ Associations

We, SK Financial Services offers a variety of services with our extensive experience and knowledge in this field. We conduct revision/audit, which covers the following:

  • Service price quantity obtained from Master Community, if any
  • Service expenses acquired from Building Administration, if any
  • Other received amount and other revenues, if any
  • Cleaning Contract
  • Cradle Contract
  • Generator Maintenance Contract
  • Management Fees
  • Pest Control
  • Security Guard/Life Guard Contract
  • Utility—Chilled Water
  • Utility—Water and Sewerage
  • Floral Contract
  • Sundry Expenses
  • Consultancy Fee
  • Furniture and Fittings
  • Club House Services
  • Fire Protection Contract
  • Lift Maintenance Contract
  • MEP Contract
  • Service Charge Master Community
  • Swimming Pool
  • Utility—Electricity
  • Waste Management Contract
  • General Repairs and Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Bank Charges
  • Painting and Surface Finishes
  • Making budget of owner's association.
  • Sources, cash flow statements, income statement, balance sheet and usage of fund
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