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About Us

SK Financial Services Founded

SK Financial Services was founded in 2017. It has been incorporated as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) in 2018. The firm is founded by highly skilled professionals with a diverse experience of over 15 good years in many financial sector. SK Financial is collaborating to build a leading financial management organization to better serve its clients. On the other hand, we tied up with several financial institutions for a broader perspective. We offer premium professional financial services such as budgeting, forecasting, planning, cash flow management, business proposals, setup accounting systems, account receivable management, asset management, portfolio management.

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We save business, regularizing the transaction through financial services.


We commit to provide top-notch financial services while generating unbiased employee culture.

Mission of SK Financial Services
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Core Values

Our number one priority is Customer satisfaction. It should be  the forefront of  our core values because it is essential for providing quality products and services to clients.

In addition, we always keep in mind: 

  • Commitment
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Innovation
  • Ethical Practices
  • Teamwork 

High Quality Services

SK Financial Services is regulated audit & accounting firm by the UAE financial authorities and also registered in the UAE official-related authorities.

SK Financial Services has highly professional staff. We offer a wide range of professional services in many fields, such as accounting, auditing, bookkeeping, taxation reporting budgeting, forecasting, business feasibility, portfolio management, new business setup, payroll management and HR, trademark registration services, some legal advices and matters.

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Team members of SK Financial Services

Expert Professionals

We are Experts and skilled professionals, make your business procedure easier and save your time and effort​.

Successful Results

Keeping accurate records is a key component to the success of any business. Our experts thoroughly check every account and legal matter of your business which takes your business one step further towards success.

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