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UAE VAT Reconsideration

There are instances wherein a taxpayer or VAT registered business in UAE disagree with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA)’s assessments or other decisions which were made by the local tax authority. If you want to object with certain decisions that were issued which involve your business, then SK Financial Services can help you on how to apply for UAE VAT reconsideration.

With our Dubai VAT fine reconsideration or VAT and excise tax reconsideration requests service. Also, including the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) review your application for UAE VAT reconsideration.

Support for VAT Penalties Reconsideration in UAE

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How We Help in UAE VAT Reconsideration

In order to make an appeal or motion to consider decisions made by the tax authorities in the country. A notice has to sent. This can most effective carried out inside 20 days beginning from the date the attention of the choice given with the aid of using the authorities. The selection be aware of the authorities, specifically FTA and FCA, can be in a letter form; however, it could additionally be in a penalty be aware, assessment, or every other document.

If an enchantment is made greater than twenty days from the date of the issuance of the decision, there’s little risk for the government to comply with do not forget a overdue enchantment. An enchantment must be written in Arabic.

How to apply for UAE VAT Reconsideration?

With our UAE VAT reconsideration service, our crew of regulated tax dealers in Dubai will assist you offer the tax government the subsequent on your appeal:

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What takes place following submission of VAT Reconsideration Application

The nearby tax authority may be thinking about all packages for UAE VAT reconsideration 20 days from the date of submission. So, the tax agents that you have appointed will be the ones to let you know if the tax authority agrees with you. Further, what usually happens you will called for a discussion with the appointed representative of the local tax authority. This will also be so there Is a threat for the applicant to offer even greater facts in backing up an appeal. In addition, there is always the possibility for the FTA or FCA to agree with an appeal and approve an application for VAT reconsideration.

In order to make sure you have a team of experts to help you amend any decision of the FTA or FCA. Further we urge you to call us today here in SK Financial Services!

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