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Government and Infrastructure (G&I) Advisory Service

Government and Infrastructure (G&I) Advisory Service

SK Financial Services empowers federal government entities through expert advisory services to use the private sector in improving infrastructure provision and public services.

Across the UAE, expectations of what their governments can achieve continually rise; however, the challenge is unlikely met with neither the traditional increase of the public sector workforce nor more government spending. Governments must now do and achieve more with less. Essentially, this means becoming both effective and efficient.

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Maximizing Impact, Financing, and Delivery

Our in-house advisors are some of the UAE’s reputable Government and Infrastructure practitioners, and they’re deeply active in sustainable privatization programs, starting from program planning and initiation up to project definition, financing, and procurement. Our team of G&I specialists also provides bidder-side and government procurement advisory on project finance and public-private partnership (PPP) transactions.

We provide support to improve the performance and efficiency of government agencies that are involved in the delivery of public service. We are able to accomplish this with the expertise of our G&I specialists and the provision of both commercial and financial advice, starting from commercial strategy and contracting through contract termination and restructuring.

Colorful Umbrellas presented by SK Financial Services
Colorful Umbrellas presented by SK Financial Services
Our Government and Infrastructure Advisory Service includes the following:
  • Financing advice;
  • Financial modeling and feasibility;
  • Value release and asset management;
  • Bid-side and procurement support;
  • Business case study and options analysis; and
  • Project commercial structuring

The firm is also active and experienced in the following sectors: economic transportation; national finance; social infrastructure including education and healthcare; defense, justice, and security; and energy.

Listed below are the areas of expertise of our in-house Government and Infrastructure specialists:
  • Create public-private relationships (PPP) and develop asset management strategies that support infrastructure development, improving people’s lives and fostering economic growth at the same time;
  • Help improve how governments across the entire UAE manage public finances in order to create more value using taxpayer’s money;
  • Application of digital technologies with the aim to make public services personal and effective for the people using them;

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Colorful Umbrellas presented by SK Financial Services

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