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External Audit Services in Dubai

External Audit Services in Dubai

SK Financial Services‘ Auditors provide external audit services in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE. As the name suggests, an external audit is an independently conducted statutory audit examining the firm’s financials.

Read greater approximately an External Audit in Dubai

UAE has a statutory requirement for legally registered corporations to behavior an audit of the monetary reporting process, consisting of the monetary statements, to decide its accuracy and integrity. An external auditor is required to report any misstatement or error through fair representation and transparent communication to the company. Read More


Understanding the External Audit Process in UAE

1. The Decision to Audit

A company’s key decision-makers verify for an audit to be executed. SK Financial Services have always encouraged consultation with its clients before the external audit process begins. It guarantees that every patron gets a targeted audit provider instead of a uniform approach. Read More

Auditing Process of SK Financial Services
Audit Report presented by SK Financial Services

Final Audit Report

The external auditor must ensure that the financial statements provided by the organization can be easily interpreted by the users such that they are presented in a comprehensive yet reasonable manner. The audit report mirrors the accurate picture of the company’s financials & operations and states the company’s actual financial health.
A typical external audit attests to and confirms the fairness of the organization’s financial reporting. It also provides recommendations on the flaws and gaps in the accounting, compliance and operating procedures. Therefore the final audit report submitted by the external auditor comprises various methodologies, recommendations and opinions on improvising internal control procedures of the organization. Read More

Choose SK Financial Services for Your External Audit

When deciding on an audit corporation in Dubai or an Audit corporation with inside the UAE, a enterprise might also additionally have many concerns. However, with decades of expertise and middle east business experience, SK Financial Services are the leaders in statutory audits in Dubai. Our multidisciplinary outside auditors are noticeably certified Certified Public Accountants in Dubai and Chartered Accountants educated to paintings independently with businesses of each kind with inside the UAE. Read More

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