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Financial Modelling Service

Financial Modelling Service

A financial model is developed for, and relied on, when formulating and supporting business decisions. A good financial model provides insightful information, giving you the ability to carefully examine the financial and commercial impact of certain strategic decisions. It’s also used in supporting business plans or investment decisions. Our Financial Modelling Services can offer value to any transaction by maximizing impact of financial models (FMs) as analytical and decision-making tools. The bespoke monetary fashions

Our Financial Modeling specialists offer additionally replicate right evaluation from a tax and accounting perspective.

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Increasing Stakeholder Value and Decision-Making Confidence

A crucial enterprise selection is underpinned via way of means of bespoke and complicated quantified analysis. When monetary publicity is turning into an increasing number of significant, stakeholders are involved, and information units are huge and/or complex, the want for monetary modelling furnished through professionals is frequently heightened. Expert modelling is a skill of specialists and with our expertise and experience, we’re capable of applying leading-edge tools and proven methodologies, bringing a collaborative and discipline approach when helping clients. Read More

Aspects covered by SK Financial Services Financial Modelling Services:
  • Capital Budgeting and Allocation;
  • Operational improvements, reorganizations, and restructures;
  • Financial planning (e.g., business case analysis and preparation);
  • IPO Business plans; and
  • M&A, divestitures, and joint ventures amongst others
Colorful Umbrellas presented by SK Financial Services
Colorful Umbrellas presented by SK Financial Services
Tailored, End-to-End Financial Modelling

Operating in flexible ways when helping you build, design, and/or review bespoke financial models, as well as any related analytical tool, we’ll ensure you understand the results of several different industrial or monetary assumptions on profit, financing, and tax structure; and coins float or position.

We examine the important thing monetary and industrial drivers of groups and offer sound judgment on key assumptions, consisting of stage of profitability, macroeconomic assumptions, running capital requirement, and feasibility signs that are based on existing and potential risks, as well as our market and industry knowledge. We’ll comment on whether financial projections have also incorporated other crucial factors such as capital expenditure requirements, commitments to affiliations or other parties, repayment commitments to company financiers, and interest expenses.

We’ll work with you in developing a financial model that’s suitable for your specific needs. Expect fashions to be dependent in a manner that gives you with transparency and assists you in knowledge a project’s monetary mechanics.

Additionally, we’ll broaden a bendy shape and sensitivity evaluation module that lets in you to evaluate speedy the effect of positive inputs and scenarios. We’ll construct vital features important for destiny interplay and next analyses with applicable stakeholders. After completion, we’ll offer a records assumptions e-book and all different helping documentation, in addition to teach agency control in working the brand new model.

We’ll overview and offer unbiased opinion on an current monetary model’s soundness. Through our in-intensity understanding and huge experience, we’ll investigate the overall performance and excellent of economic models, which include the evaluate of the correctness of macros, good judgment calculation and integrity, sensitivity Analyses (examine if professional fashions permit for modifications in assumptions), overview enter records consistency with assisting documentation, and examine whether or not assumptions and calculations are all according with the latest taxation regulations and accounting standards.

We recognize bad financial models whenever we see one. We’re adept at finding common errors in spreadsheets and build our models based on transparency, presentability, and flexibility.

Our Financial Model

Our financial models will be able to help you throughout your entire decision-making process and will serve as analytical tools in a variety of business situations. Our experts advise and assist on:

  • For Buy-Side: enhancing positioning with financing providers
  • For Sell-Side: providing credibility to your business’ growth story and
  • Restructuring: offering support for bank and creditor negotiations
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Management and budgeting forecasting
  • Working capital and cash management
  • Board and management reporting
  • Strategic forecasting and planning
  • Pricing
  • Investment appraisal
  • Strategic options analysis and
  • Product or service profitability
Colorful Umbrellas presented by SK Financial Services
Colorful Umbrellas presented by SK Financial Services
How Can We Help You?

The analysts of SK Financial Services can create and/or review reliable financial models, helping you analyze implications of the financial decisions of a company in numerical terms. Aside from giving you a holistic and integrated view of your company’s dynamics, our Financial Modelling Services will help you with any related studies like risk management and financial economics among others.

With an exceptional team of modelling experts and analysts backing us, SK Financial Services has delivered successful financial and statistical models to leading equity/venture firms, financial institutions, and asset management companies across the UAE.

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