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Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) Advisory

Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) Advisory

In any transaction, a Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) represents key pricing and commercial negotiations outcome. Vendors and acquirers alike have become state-of-the-art in exploiting capacity fee won thru negotiations and implementation of the contractual agreement.

Building on the information gained during the due diligence process, the Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) Advisory specialists of SK Financial Services are ideally positioned in providing expert support during the negotiations of the SPA, and in assisting you in the articulation and identification of value issues that are related to deal completion and pricing mechanics. Read More

Integrated SPA Advisory Service by Protecting Value

Advising on critical accounting-related aspects of a Sales and Purchase Agreement, helping ensure potential issues are identified and reflected in SPAs, and supporting you throughout the whole SPA drafting, negotiation, And assessment process, our Sales and Purchase Agreement Advisory carrier will assist defend your function the first-rate manner possible.

Our SPA Advisory crew combines Transaction Advisory and Financial Due Diligence know-how and ability units in assisting you: Read More

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SPA Advisory Team of SK Financial Services

  • Limiting possibilities of charge erosion that ability acquirers may also undertake, each via put up of of entirety mechanism and backbone of buy consideration and
  • Advise on relative deserves of entirety mechanisms in the context of the unique transaction

SK Financial Services industry experts draw upon over a decade of transactions experience, including forensic experience on Sales and Purchase Agreement dispute resolution. Read More

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